17% of the Irish population were born in another country

Many non-Irish nationals are at least as likely to be employed and highly educated as Irish people

But ESRI research has found that African nationals saw lower employment rates than other groups.

The research examines how well migrants are settling into Ireland.

According to the report, 4% of Western European nationals (excluding the UK), were unemployed in 2017, compared to 7% of Irish nationals and 16% of African nationals.

Employment rates were slightly higher for non-Irish nationals (70%) than Irish nationals (66%).

Source: ESRI

However rates varied across national groups, and the employment rate was very low for African nationals, at around 45%.

In terms of education, 37% of Irish people of working age had third-level education in 2017.

The percentage was higher across almost all non-Irish groups.

Western European nationals (excluding the UK) were most likely to have third-level education, at 74%, while Eastern European nationals were least likely at 35%.

While in 2016, some 23% of non-Irish nationals were living below the income poverty line - compared to just under 16% of Irish nationals.

Frances McGinnity is the lead author of the report.

"That's a matter of some concern, because it suggests that people's income is low and they're doing without some key basic items for living".