She and her father were jailed last year

Molly Martens has had four extra years added to her prison sentence in the US.

She was jailed last year for a minimum of 20 years for murdering her Irish husband Jason Corbett.

Her father, retired FBI agent Thomas Martens, was also convicted of second-degree murder last August.

But prison authorities in North Carolina have indicated extra time has been added to the sentence because of three separate breaches of prison rules.

Limerick businessman Jason Corbett | File photo

Ralf Riegel is southern correspondent with the Irish Independent.

"Her projected release date has been put to 2041 - which means effectively there's an extra four years gone on to her projected release date.

"But she does have the potential to get that reduced again if she behaves herself over the next, say, 19 years, if she cooperates with prison authorities, reform programmes, education programmes and work initiatives within the prison system."

The infractions relate to Martens leaving an area without permission in November last year.

While the other two occurred within 24 hours of each other in May.

One of these was when she refused to cooperate or obey a direct instruction from a prison guard - the second was being caught in possession of contraband or material that was not permitted or sanctioned by prison authorities.