43 people died in the disaster

Italian authorities have released footage of the moment a motorway bridge in Genoa collapsed killing 43 people.

The CCTV images, published by the Guardia di Finanza (Italy’s finance police) show a number of vehicles driving underneath the bridge before the collapse.

A man can also be seen walking by moments before the disaster. 

A huge section of the Morandi Bridge collapsed on August 14th during heavy rains.

The cause of the disaster remains unclear, however, prosecutors are reportedly examining possible faulty maintenance or design flaws.

It emerged earlier this week that engineers had issued a warning back in February that corrosion of the metal cables supporting the bridge had reduced its strength by 20%.

Meanwhile, Riccardo Morandi, the engineer who designed the bridge, warned as far back as 12 years ago that it would require constant maintenance to remove rust.