The wrecks range from prehistoric logboats to modern vessels and WW1 warships

A new website's been launched to allow people access information about the thousands of shipwrecks in our waters.

The Wreck Viewer interactive map is linked to the Wreck Inventory of Ireland database and contains exact locations for around 4,000 ships.

They range from prehistoric logboats to medieval trading vessels, warships and ocean liners.

The website also contains information on their history, voyage, cargo, passengers and, if known, how they were lost.

Culture and Heritage Minister Josepha Madigan observed: "Of particular interest, in this decade of centenaries, are the stories of those wrecks from the First World War.

"Over 1,000 ships were lost off the coast of Ireland during that conflict, in effect bringing the Western Front to our shoreline and alerting the Irish people to both the grim realities of war and the scale of the tragic loss of life that took place on land and sea.”