The US president's had a stormy week

Time magazine's new cover is featuring US President Donald Trump - well, most of him

The September 3rd issue features the White House oval office under water, complete with a stack of papers and a telephone.

Floating above it and unidentifiable, as his head is just above the water, is President Trump.

He's had a stormy week: his former lawyer Michael Cohen plead guilty to several charges relating to hush money paid to two women, who claim to have had extra-marital affairs with Mr Trump.

While former campaign chair Paul Manafort was found guilty of eight out of 18 charges relating to financial crime.

An editorial by Time's senior White House correspondent, Brian Bennett, says: "The courtroom drama brought all the president's legal and political problems together in a single supernova.

"It highlighted Trump's sordid history with women, his willingness to blur the lines between business and politics, and growing fallout from the investigation led by special counsel Robert Mueller, who referred the Cohen case to federal prosecutors.

"If Trump's spreading scandals engulf Republicans in November, Democrats could find themselves chairing committees next January with broad powers to investigate the president and his associates.

"A Democratic House or Senate could challenge the White House on everything from the president's coveted border wall to his tax returns.

"Washington would tilt on its axis as Democrats with subpoena power move against their beleaguered opponent in the White House."