A juror is unwell

No evidence is being heard in Paddy Jackson and Stuart Olding’s rape trial today because a juror is unwell.

The Ireland and Ulster rugby players deny raping the same woman during a party at Jackson’s home in south Belfast in June 2016.

Paddy Jackson and Stuart Olding are accused of raping the woman. 

Jackson also denies sexually assaulting her.

Two of their friends are also on trial for various charges arising from the same alleged incident.

Blane McIlroy from Royal Lodge Road in Belfast is facing one count of exposure and Rory Harrison from Manse Road in Belfast denies trying to cover up what’s alleged to have happened.

The jurors have been hearing medical and forensic evidence over the past few days and were today due to begin hearing transcripts and recordings of the police interviews conducted with the four men following their arrests.

However, it was brought to Judge Patricia Smyth’s attention this morning that one of the jurors is unwell so no witnesses were called.

The court is dealing with some legal issues in the jury’s absence and it’s hoped the trial will be in a position to resume tomorrow morning.