People are also scared to buy a house on Friday the 13th

People are afraid to buy a house on Friday the 13th.

New research from also shows it's 4,700 euro cheaper to live at a door with the number 13.

13.7 per cent fewer transactions take place on the date, while homes with the Number 13 are on average 1.8 per cent cheaper.

Daft carried out the research on almost one million Irish properties and spokesperson Martin Clancy says its survey's found people are superstitious: 'Fridays are generally the busiest day of the week for property transaction and Friday the 13th is definitely affecting prices'.


Meanwhile, The National Standards Authority has taken today's date as an opportunity to issue a warning about DIY safety standards.

Around 124,000 admissions to Emergency Departments in Ireland every year are due to incidents around the home.

People are being advised to check equipment for the safety standards CE Mark, wear protective clothing and clear your work space. Ladders are OK to walk under, but they have to be level!

While you're at it, you can read all about the origin of Friday the 13th superstition here