Officials say the first priority will be to inform any women affected

The new head of Cervical Check says the number of women affected by the recent smear test scandal is likely to increase.

209 women were not told about the clinical audit of their cancer tests, and that number is likely to rise as more cases are reviewed.

The State Claims Agency has told an Oireachtas Committee there's now 28 active legal cases in relation to Cervical Check.

Head of the National Screening Service Damien McCallion says more women will be contacted about their cancer test audits.

He explained: "Yes it will get larger I would expect [...] As we're informed of any changes in interpretation from an audit, we will inform the women first - that is the first priority.

"The number at the moment is still the 209, but that will be added to... there are people that are being added to at the moment as the audit goes through."

Separately, Dr Gabriel Scally is continuing his scoping inquiry into the controversy.

John Connaghan, acting Director General of the HSE, says they're working to give the inquiry all the information needed.

However, he told deputies: "Documents pertaining to contracting of laboratory services have been prepared for release... but in some instances require legal clearance, and in other instances the consent of other parties prior to the release."