Dublin's tourist boom may be forcing families out of accommodation

Opposition parties are claiming the Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy has 'gone missing', amid the growing homelessness crisis in the capital.

Charities say there's been a major spike in the number of homeless families who are struggling to get emergency accommodation.

The issue was highlighted when Margaret Cash and six of her children were forced to spend the night in a garda station.

It's claimed Dublin's tourist boom is forcing homeless families out of their hotel accommodation - and the visit of Pope Francis is expected to make matters worse.

Sinn Féin's Housing Spokesperson Eoin O'Broin says there's been a deafening silence from Minster Murphy.

"We need to hear from the minister or a senior Cabinet colleague urgently to say what are they going to do throughout the rest of August/early September to ensure that those families that otherwise won't get into emergency accommodation because it's not available will have some secure place to stay overnight".