The material includes film screenplays and storyboards, as well as correspondence with actors and politicians

Oscar-winning writer and director Neil Jordan has donated his archive to the National Library.

Jordan won an Academy Award for writing 1992's The Crying Game, and is also known for films such as Michael Collins, Breakfast on Pluto and The Butcher Boy.

His archive includes film and TV scripts, storyboards and correspondence with actors and politicians.

Dr Sandra Collins, director of the National Library of Ireland, says the donation has huge meaning.

She observed: "One of my favourite pieces are recruitment posters for the extras for Michael Collins... from 1995.

"You can see the request is... women can participate dressed as men; no children on the set because of the nature of the violence; and that the people showing up should wear no runners, no jeans, no modern conveniences such as watches."

Image: Sam Boal /

Culture Minister Josepha Madigan says donations like this to the National Library are extremely important.

She explained: "I just looked at the [Michael Collins] manuscript and screenplay... it will be interesting to see the edits and their thought processes in actually making the movie.

"It is important - it does tell a story."

The documents will now be digitised and put on display for the general public in 2019.