The theme of this year’s programme is 'The Greatest Showman'

Over a million people are glued to their TV screens this evening for the Late Late Toy Show.

Host Ryan Tubridy is taking charge of the Christmas curtain raiser for the tenth year in a row.

The theme of this year’s programme is 'The Greatest Showman' – and over 200 young performers will be taking part.

Audiences may also be treated to a few famous guest appearances.

Tonight’s opening number is being performed by students from the Spotlight Stage School which is made up of children from Carlow, Navan and Dublin.

Their teacher says Eimhín Cradock said the children are a little nervous – but rearing to go.

“They are telling me they are fine but there a lot of colds and sniffles and sicknesses going on so that usually tells me there is some sort of underlying nerves,” he said.

“I’d say they are nervous but they are not letting me know about it anyway.”

Host Ryan Tubridy said he can’t wait for the show to get underway.

“I really always did want to present the Late Late Toy Show.

“Not the Late Late Show – that was just a bonus, I wanted to get to the Toy Show.

“I just had an absolute affiliation with it. I just loved the idea of toys and kids and goof for a night.

“We did the first one and that went OK and every year it has just got bigger and may be better.

“It has certainly got more bonkers.”

The Toy Show gets underway at 9:35pm on RTÉ One television.