The Commission for Regulation of Utilities has launched a campaign

People who switch electricity or gas providers can save a minimum of 300 euro a year.

That's according to the Commission for Regulation of Utilities which has launched a new campaign to encourage people to switch and save.

According to the CRU, less than a fifth of people switched energy provider last year, while almost half are unlikely to switch in the next 12 months.

The CRU's 'Switch On' campaign is designed to encourage people to swap to a cheaper deal before the winter bills come in.

Head of the CRU, Aoife Mac Evilly says people are only getting the best deal with their energy provider in the first year of their contract: 'If you switch supplier you'll normally get a discount for a one year period, what we find after that is that people just lapse on to their supplier's standard deal which is generally more expensive.

Broadcaster Maia Dunphy who launched the campaign says it's a 'no brainer': 'If you can save €300 a year, and put that into context, that's your kids' swimming lessons for the year, that's a weekend away, what I love about CRU is that they're independent and aren't pushing any agenda other than your rights'