Dublin City Council was considering accommodating up to 150 people on a rented cruise ship

The Housing Minister has shot down proposals to house homeless people in Dublin on ships.

Dublin City Council had been considering plans to accommodate up to 150 people on a rented cruise ship in a bid to ease the current homelessness crisis.

According to the Irish Times DCC's chief executive Owen Keegan told Minister Eoghan Murphy that the plan could be revisited in early September, as homeless figures rose to just under 10,000.

Homeless campaigners have also hit out at the plans.

Brian McLoughlin of Inner City Helping Homeless says there's plenty of land available for the government to build affordable homes.

After more than 1600 people were re-categorised out of homelessness last month, McLoughlin also feels the ship idea could have sinister motives.

"The cynic in you would ask the question - if the people were living on these ships and on the water would they be counted in the homeless figures because they're not based on land?"

"The government need to wake up and start building proper public social and affordable housing. We have the land available from all the local authorities. It's time to put up or shut up - start building homes for these people"

Dublin City Council provided Today FM with an update on the issue saying it ‘currently has no plans to consider using a Cruise Ship as emergency accommodation for Homeless persons’.