New embassies are planned for Chile, the Philippines and Morocco

Plans have been unveiled to increase Ireland's international presence by 2025.

The 'Global Ireland' initiative will see new embassies for Chile, Colombia, New Zealand, Jordan, Ukraine, the Philippines and Morocco.

New consulates have been announced in Vancouver, Mumbai, Cardiff and Frankfurt.

A Diplomatic Mission is also to be established in the Republic of Liberia.

A Consulate General will be opened in LA with a new flagship 'Ireland House' - a hub for diplomacy, trade, business and cultural promotion.

The Government will also expand and strengthen diplomatic and enterprise agency presences across Europe.

Irish arts, heritage and culture will be promoted across the world, along with an enhanced digital footprint - through a global communications strategy to increase visibility, raise awareness and enhance Ireland's reputation.

A White Paper is also being published on the Irish Aid programme, which will re-affirm Ireland's commitment to delivering 0.7% of GNI to development assistance by 2030.

Expansions are also planned in the Asia-Pacific region - with a new flagship 'Ireland House' in Tokyo - and in North and West Africa, the Middle East and Gulf region.

Ireland’s diplomatic network overseas currently consists of almost 700 personnel assigned to 80 missions (61 embassies, 12 consulates and seven other missions - including Ireland’s permanent representation to the EU and the UN).

Their work is supported by a network of 94 honorary consuls in 59 countries.