The march is happening as Theresa May is warned against a 'soft and yielding Brexit'

The UK's International Trade Secretary says Theresa May "isn't bluffing" about walking away from Brexit negotiations without a deal.

Liam Fox says the economic impact on the EU would be "severe".

The British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson's calling on the Prime Minister to deliver a "full British Brexit".

Meanwhile pro-EU groups will march through central London later mark two-years since the Brexit referendum and demand another vote on any final deal.

James McGrory - executive director of Open Britain says it's important people get their voices heard.

"They see a Government that can't agree, they see a Parliament divided. And they want to have their say on the deal that's going to affect all our futures and our children's futures.

And so they're marching to say give me my democratci right to a people's vote."

Support for the people's vote is garnering support with people gearing up to demonstrate: