The Health Minister will publish details when he receives it

A progress report on the Scoping Inquiry into the Cervical Check Screening Programme is due in the coming days.

Dr. Gabriel Scally is set to give the Health Minister an update this week ahead of the completion of his preliminary inquiry into the controversy which is due at the end of the month.

The medical expert has previously said his intention is "to get to the truth of what has happened and let reasonability lie where it lies."

Minister Simon Harris says details of the progress report will be published and made available as soon as he receives them,

"We've asked Dr.Scally to finish his work by the end of June so by the end of this month.

We've also asked him for a progress report at the start of June so I expect to receive that in the coming days, just to see how progress he's making and how he's getting on.

He's also published a website called and anyone who wants to input or interface with that or kept up to date with that can go there as well.

So I expect in the coming days to receive a progress report. I haven't received it yet but when I do I will publish it."