Mary Lou McDonald said the Government is 'in denial' over the crisis

Thousands have gathered in Dublin this afternoon calling for action on the housing and homeless crisis.

The march - organised by the National Homeless and Housing Coalition - began at the Garden of Remembrance at 1pm, before the large crowd began marching towards the Customs House and City Hall.

Recent Government figures show that almost 10,000 people were in emergency accommodation in February, including 3,755 children.

The coalition includes groups such as the Peter McVerry Trust, Focus Ireland, trade unions and several political parties.

Sinn Féin leader Mary Lou McDonald was among those at today's protest.

She said: "The message is housing is a human right. The message also is that we're in a housing emergency, and the message to Government is wake up and smell the coffee."

Focus Ireland founder and President Sr Stan Kennedy earlier explained what message they want to send to the Government.

She said: "We want to end homelessness... we want to end long-term homelessness... we want them to recognise the right to housing, and the right to a home.

"We want clear answer from them as to what their strategy is, and what their timeline is... and we will then stick them to that timeline."