She was last seen on July 28th 1998

It’s been 20 years since Kildare woman Deirdre Jacob went missing.

She was 18 years old when she vanished in the Summer of 1998.

Deirdre Jacob’s family say they are totally in the dark as to what happened to her.

The then 18 year old was last spotted in her home town of Newbridge at around 3pm on July the 28th 1998.

She then vanished.

A number of women went missing around the time of Deirdre’s disappearance which has led to endless speculation.

Her father Michael though says he would prefer if people could keep an open mind.

He's urging anyone who knows anything or who has been holding on to anything to come forward.

Gardai have taken around 2 and half thousand statements and followed 4 and a half thousand lines of inquiry.

Despite this they are no closer to knowing what happened to Deirdre.

All it may take would be one person coming forward with the crucial information.