The strike is currently set to go ahead on Thursday July 12th

Ryanair is calling on its Dublin-based pilots to cancel their strike next Thursday, saying the union doesn’t have a mandate for the action.

The airline says just 27% of their pilots here voted for the strike, but the union has previously pointed out that 99% of directly employed pilots voted to strike.

Ryanair has again called on Fórsa to call off what it says is an 'unnecessary' strike, and has invited the trade union to its offices on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday for talks.

However, Fórsa - which represents over 100 directly-employed pilots through the Irish Air Line Pilots' Association (IALPA) - has previously insisted it wants to meet on neutral ground, which it will pay for.

Ryanair says just 94 of its 350 pilots voted for the strike – a quorum of only 27%.

However, the majority of Ryanair’s pilots are on contract with the airline, while Fórsa represents directly-employed senior pilots.

It all adds up to a nervous wait for passengers next Thursday – with Ryanair saying they’ll update them on Tuesday regarding the status of their flights.