The dispute has gone on longer than Fórsa expected

Talks between both sides in the Ryanair dispute have been adjourned for the night with no indication of agreement.

The dispute has gone on longer than expected, according to the union involved in it.

Fórsa, which represents some Irish-based pilots, has held more discussions with airline management this evening.

It was the 4th day of negotiations over annual leave, base transfers and promotions.

Discussions earlier in the week ended without a deal.

Spokesperson Bernard Harbor earlier said they regret it took strike action to get around the table.

"I think the whole dispute has gone on longer than we'd anticipated.

"Fórsa's belief always was that this could and should be resolved through negotiations.

"We regret the fact that it's taken, even before we got into serious talks, five one-day strikes - which is not unprecedented in Irish industrial relations, but certainly unusual".