Ethnicity and sexuality are also significant factors

Body weight and image are the main reasons why secondary students are being bullied at school.

A study from DCU's National Anti-Bullying Research and Resource Centre has found that ethnicity and sexuality are also significant factors.

DCU's Dr. Debbie Ging says they were surprised by the results: 'We went in with a focus on the possibility of homophobic bulling, we were also looking at class and ethnicity, so we were actually quite surprised to find that across most forms of bullying, that body type was cited by the students as the most predominant cause of bullying.'


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The study also highlighted that social media was often the reason behind students being called hurtful names about their physical appearance.

And it found that teenagers are reluctant to report incidents of bullying to school staff.

The Researchers interviewed 418 students from Catholic all boys and girls schools and also from a mixed community school.

They found that physical harassment was more prevalent in all boys’ schools, while students in a mixed school expressed the highest level of belonging

In the all-girls school, body type was the most frequently cited reason for having mean rumors or lies spread and for being excluded or ‘left out’.