His family has thanked the public and supporters for their 'overwhelming goodwill'

Seán Cox's family say they've seen "overwhelming goodwill" and support since the Liverpool fan was injured earlier this year.

Seán - who's from Dunboyne in Co Meath - was seriously injured in an attack near Anfield stadium before Liverpool FC's Champions League semi-final against AS Roma in April.

He's currently being treated at the National Rehabilitation Hospital in Dun Laoghaire.

Seán's wife Martina today said she wants to extend "a huge expression of gratitude" for all the support the family has received.

Irish football fan Sean Cox. Image: Facebook

In a statement, she said: "He no longer has a feeding tube so is starting to eat and drink again with the help of the wonderful nursing staff. Seán has some more words and is trying very hard to sing along to familiar songs; these are encouraging and proud steps for us all.

"Our family used the time with Seán over Christmas to try and relay to him the public goodwill and support there has been for him over the eight months since his attack. 

"We have shown him social media posts, press clippings and videos from fundraising events across Ireland, England and further afield, the GoFundMe page and the SupportSean.com website, letters and signed jerseys all in aid of Sean and his recovery."

She says the Support Seán campaign has raised €1.1 million to date.

She thanked the people of Dunboyne, Dublin, Ireland and Liverpool for their support, as well as a special thanks to a child who sent a fiver of their own pocket money to the Cox home.

Martina adds: "While it has been an exceptionally difficult time, what has helped me and the kids get through it has been the overwhelming goodwill of Seán’s family, friends, supporters and the general public."