The woman appears to be barefoot and wearing a set of broken hand restraints

US Police are searching for a mystery woman who rang a Texas doorbell in the middle of the night - wearing what appear to be broken handcuffs.

The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office has released footage of the woman online in the hope that someone might recognise her.

The footage was filmed by a home security system after the woman called to a home in the area at around 3:20am on Friday night.

She appears to be barefoot and dressed in a t-shirt, with broken hand restraints on each wrist.

She was gone by the time the homeowner answered the door.

In a statement, police said: "Numerous citizens in the state and outside have sent missing persons flyers suggesting the women in the video is a missing person from their area."

They said investigators have reviewed the reports for any similarities, "but as of now none are believed to be the women in the video."

"There are no missing person’s reports from the area that match this individual."


Police have urged the woman to come forward if she is safe - and have called on anyone who recognises her to contact them.