Garda numbers in the capital are now down around 20% since 2009

One of the country’s most senior gardaí says Garda numbers have hit ‘rock bottom’ in Dublin.

It comes as officers try and deal with the ongoing Hutch/Kinahan feud which has claimed 14 lives.

Garda numbers in Dublin began depleting following the recession and are now down around 20% since 2009 - meaning almost 900 fewer officers.

Pat Leahy is Assistant Commissioner for Dublin:

Derek Coakley Hutch, the latest victim of the ongoing gangland feud, was shot dead at the weekend.

Assistant Commissioner Leahy says it is disappointing, but insists they are on top of the feud:

It’s hoped up to 250 community gardai will be deployed to Dublin when more officers graduate this March.

However, Pat Leahy is warning they’ll take time to train, adding that experienced gardai who know Dublin well have been lost.