Griffin was acknowledged for contributions to student success

A service dog has received an honorary diploma from a US university.

Golden Retriever Griffin was acknowledged for "extraordinary contributions to student success", after his owner Brittany Hawley got her master's degree in occupational therapy from Clarkson University in New York.

Clarkson President Tony Collins awarded Brittany and Griffin their diplomas on Saturday.

Image: Clarkson University

The university said it "recognised that Griffin has demonstrated extraordinary effort, steadfast commitment, and diligent dedication to the well-being and student success of his owner Brittany.

"The two have pursued 100% together a graduate degree in occupational therapy attending all the same classes, lectures, faculty appointments, group study sessions, social activities, research projects, and clinical experiences."

Brittany and Griffin Hawley | Image: Facebook/Clarkson University

His accomplishment and photos went viral over the weekend, with hundreds of comments from former Clarkson students.

One said: "Hey, I went there... Good to know my school gives degrees to good boyes."

Another commented: "I have an MBA and I still feel like this dog is more successful, he's also better looking."