One of the people shot is in a serious condition

A man's been arrested after four people were injured in a drive-by shooting in Italy.

The suspect is reportedly a 28-year-old Italian with no previous criminal record who was detained about two hours after the shooting rampage began from inside a black Alfa Romeo in Macerata.

According to the ANSA news agency, he made a fascist salute at the city's war memorial before being arrested by police.

Photos from the scene show a man being put into a police car, wearing an Italian flag draped over his shoulders.

Macerata's mayor Romano Carancini said six people - five men and one woman, were injured.

One of them is in a serious condition.

All of those injured were foreigners, police confirmed, and Mr Carancini said they were black.

Residents had been told to stay inside during the shooting and public transport was halted.