A new sex tourism bill has been brought forward

Convicted child sex offenders could be restricted from travelling outside Ireland under new legislation.

Independent TD Maureen O’Sullivan is bringing forward the 'Sex Tourism Bill' which would prevent paedophiles from travelling abroad to abuse vulnerable children.

The bill which has got government approval would make Ireland the first country in the EU to do so.

It follows a similar move by Australia after it was revealed that 40 percent of paedophiles that left the country in 2016 failed to notify authorities.

FR Shea Cullen from the Children’s Rights Organisation PREDA has travelled home to Ireland to support the bill. He works with child abuse victims in the Philippines and says they don't know how many convicted child sex offenders travel abroad from Ireland every year: 'In developing countries there is no monitoring of child sex offenders and that's where many child sex offenders head when they get out of jail'.

Deputy Maureen O'Sullivan who is promoting the bill says the aim is to restrict convicted paedophiles in Ireland from travelling to places like the Philippines where there is no child protection legislation.