Police have since tracked down the shark, with two suspects said to have confessed to the theft

A shark has been recovered in Texas after being smuggled out of an aquarium 'disguised as a baby'.

The 16-inch horn shark was grabbed from a 'touch pool' at San Antonio Aquarium on Saturday, placed in a bucket, wrapped up and put in a pram.

A staff member raised the alarm after noticing suspicious activity, and a number of people were approached by management in the car park.

However, one man is said to have left the scene in a truck with the shark - prompting police to launch a public appeal for help in tracking the shark down, and the aquarium to release CCTV footage of the incident.

On Monday, the shark was successfully recovered - and was said to be doing 'very well'.

Local police chief Joseph Salvaggio said: "Once we put [the appeal] out into the media, we started getting a lot of calls from viewers, and they pointed us right back to a house.

"We got confessions from two of the individuals who were seen on the tape. We will be talking tomorrow to the third."

A male suspect is said to have had other fish and sharks in his home.

"He knew what he was doing... luckily for the shark," Salvaggio added.

Two suspects are expected to face theft charges, with a third due to be questioned today.

Meanwhile, aquarium staff said the shark was 'alive and well', and was being prepared for its return back into the water.