People are being urged to reduce their plastic usage

We're being urged to ditch plastic packaging at supermarkets today.

The "Shop and Drop" campaign is asking people to shop as normal - and then take off the excess plastic packaging and leave it at the checkout.

Oisin Coghlan, Director of Friends of the Earth, explains what the aim is:

"We're just asking people to shops as normal in their local their supermarket, then when they've paid at the checkout to take off any unwanted packaging that they don't like and very politely give it to the cashier.

This is a way of showing supermarkets that people are sick of plastic and we want them to take steps to reduce the amount of packaging they use."

Many attribute the BBC Blue Planet series for bringing home to people the scale of the plastics problem we face and the affects it's having on our planet.

But being kind and caring to the environment could also boost your chances in the online dating world.

Apparently being eco-friendly can increase your chances of getting a date!

A new study by Zoosk looked at just how how important the environment is to today’s daters.

They surveyed 5,100 of its members and analyzed 123,257 dating profiles.

They found, "As it turns out, caring about the environment is extremely important to the majority of singles, and things like picking up litter, turning off the lights, or recycling may just be the key to helping you attract that special someone."

78% of singles want to date someone who cares about the environment.

65% of women find people who care about the environment attractive.

91% of all online daters consider themselves environmentally friendly.

 74% say littering's not just annoying, it’s a deal-breaker.

But picking up litter is a major turn on.

59% of online daters say picking up litter is sexy.

Other attractive eco-friendly actions include recycling (52%), being energy efficient (51%), gardening (49%), and shopping at a local farmer’s market (46%).

And Men and Women find mostly the same things attractive but in different order: