Day 2 of the Sinn Féin Ard Fheis is underway in the Waterfront Hall in Belfast

Sinn Féin will decide if the party will support the government proposals on abortion later.

At the moment TDs and Senators can't back the idea of terminations without restriction for up to 12 weeks.

The big vote today is about putting Sinn Féin policy in line with the government proposals on abortion to allow TDs and Senators to vote for it.

Another motion though calls for a free vote for all Oireachtas members when it enters the house.

Sinn Féin also won't rule out a no confidence motion in the Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy.

Though a party spokesperson said changing the minister won't change the policy they oppose.

Last night entering government was considered by delegates, with MEP Matt Carthy saying housing policy will be a big factor in any negotiations.

"We will only enter Government when we have agreed a policy programme that will end the housing crisis and provide social housing for families that are currently living in hotels."

Donegal TD Pearse Doherty says they will be ready for an election if one comes about:

"More and more of the Irish people are ready for change. Ready to tear down the structures of elitism and gross inequality. Ready to bring stability and a life of dignity to every home on our island. Ready for Sinn Fein's vision of a new, transformed and modern economy for a changing island.

So whenever Leo and Michéal decide that the love-in is over and an election is called, they will know that Sinn Féin is ready."

Also at their Ard Fheis in Belfast today, delegates will vote on Eurovision.

There's a motion for RTÉ to boycott next year's song contest because it taks place in Israel.


Reporting by Sean Defoe in Belfast