The actor made €2.3m in his Divorce Auction

Russel Crowe's 'The Art of Divorce' auction has earned the actor €2.3m.

The Hollywood star put 227 items under the hammer in Sydney yesterday as he tried to recoup some of the €17m cash settlement he handed over in his divorce.

Crow separated from his wife of five years Danielle Spencer and chose his 54th birthday to 'move on' by hosting the auction.

 A leather boxer's protector - more commonly known as a jockstrap - that was worn by Crowe when he played James J. Braddock in the 2005 film Cinderella man was estimated to sell for €344 but sold for a whopping €4,600!

Some of the big prize items included:

€86,000 - 128 year old violin from Master and Commander

€78,000 - breastplate worn in Gladiator

€72,162 - uniform from Master and Commander

€40,700 - Roman Chariot from Gladiator

The Oscar winner even made an appearance at the auction yesterday and told bidders he had fun putting the 'Art of Divorce' auction together for them!