A number of European flights to and from Dublin Airport have been cancelled

Ryanair has cancelled up to 100 of its European flights this weekend due to a French air traffic controllers strike.

The 48 hour stoppage is taking place from 5.30am tomorrow until 5.30am on Monday.

Ryanair says it also expects some significant delays to flights to France and routes using French airspace.

Aer Lingus says that while no flights have yet been cancelled, 16 are at risk of disruption.

The airline said: "2,500 guests are currently booked to travel on these flights and could potentially be adversely impacted."

Both airlines are advising passengers to check the status of their flights on their websites.

Dublin Airport says a number of European flights to and from the airport have been cancelled:

President of the Irish Travel Agents Association John Spollen says it's hugely disappointing.

He observed: "The air traffic control local to Marseilles have issues with rostering, and are going on strike.

"Previous strikes at that centre have resulted in cancellations and delays, as pilots flying to many of the Mediterranean destinations may take longer to get around the affected airspace."