Saoirse is on the list

Ali will be the first storm to blow in across Ireland and the UK this winter.

The list of names which will be used over the next year has been released by Met Eireann and Britain's Met Office.

Bronagh, Callum and Deidre are also featured, but Joanna Donnelly from Met Eireann says it's unlikely we'll get to Storm Saoirse which comes 18th on the list: 'I doubt we'll get there to be honest. We got to Hector last year, Hector came in June of last year. On a busy storm season we might get seven storms. It will be even tough to get to Jane who comes much earlier in the process'.

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The alphabetical list of names skips Q, U, X, Y and Z to comply with international storm-naming conventions.

Polling has found almost 80 per cent of people think giving storms a name was useful in making them aware the severe weather may have more impact than normal, while 63 per cent believe it is useful in letting them know to take action.