Talks broke up this evening without agreement

A strike by Ryanair pilots will go ahead tomorrow after talks with management broke up without agreement.

Both sides met for seven hours at Dublin Airport today – but trade union Fórsa had previously warned the talks were likely to go ahead.

Ryanair says 90% of those booked on the 30 cancelled flights have been re-accommodated or have applied for refunds.

The flights affected are between the UK and Ireland, with flights to and from mainland Europe not impacted.

On the subject of today's talks, the airline said: "Ryanair offered its pilots and Fórsa to set up a working group to explain and negotiate any issues arising from Ryanair's written proposals.

"Regrettably agreement on this sensible course of action wasn't possible after seven hours of talks."

Bernard Harbour, communications director with Fórsa, said that both sides believed the working group proposal had potential, but "we were not able to agree on terms of reference".

He added: "There was no real optimism on either side that we could avoid tomorrow's industrial action - that's where we're at now this evening, so that will go ahead."