Brazilian was on board Aer Lingus flight when pellets broke

An inquest has heard a Brazilian student who died from accidental cocaine poisoning had over four times the fatal level of the drug in his system.

John Kennedy Santos Gurjao died after taking ill aboard an Aer Lingus flight from Lisbon to Dublin in October 2015.

He'd swallowed 113 cocaine pellets - one of which broke inside him.

The 24 year old had been trying to smuggle almost a kilo of the drug into Ireland.

Cabin Crew member, Orla  MacCarvill told how they were some 45 minutes into the flight  when she became aware of a disturbance when a man started climbing over the seats and standing on passengers to try and get to the toilet at the rear of the plane.

Passenger Olga Pinto said that Mr Gurjao kept on shouting “Help, help, I’m going to die” in Portuguese.

Nurse, Keith Carroll told how they gave Mr Gurjao oxygen and he fell unconscious but continued breathing and he seemed to stabilise but then he woke out and bit another passenger on the arm so cabin crew had to get restraints and two cabin crew managed to handcuff him behind his back.

The inquest heard that Mr Carroll, another nurse, Fiona Kirwan and Dr Michelle Brannigan continued to give Mr Gurgao CPR for over 40 minutes after he suffered a second seizure and a decision was made to divert to Cork Airport but he was sadly was pronounced dead shortly after arrival.