It's thought it will generate 40 million euro in the first year

The sugar tax comes into effect today.

People will be paying 30 cent per litre more for drinks that are high in sugar, as part of a bid to tackle Ireland's obesity crisis. This means a can of coke will go up by 10c.

It's thought the tax will generate up to 40 million euro in the first year.

Professor Donal O'Shea is the HSE's Lead for Obesity - and says it's an important day: 'It's going to increase the cost, which will reduce the consumption, that's what a tax does. I hope the money that's generated will be identified and used to fund other preventative measures

But Food Drink Ireland's coming out against the introduction of the tax, saying that most soft drinks won't be affected because the industry has been taking sugar out of many of its products for a while now.