New report highlights failures in the system

Vulnerable children in care with complex needs are at serious risk of being failed by the system.

The Child Care Law Reporting Project report details 30 cases that have come before the courts highlighting serious problems within the system.

In one of the cases described as 'groundhog day' no provisions had been made for a girl with mental health needs and about to return from a secure unit abroad.

In another case a 9 year old boy with complex needs had five placement moves in 13 days.

The ongoing lack of knowing where he was staying is reported as increasing his experience of harm that brought him into care.

Drug and alcohol abuse, learning disabilities and mental health issues among the parents in child care cases are also prevalent, while child sexual abuse continues to feature in a minority of cases.

Over the next three years, as well as publishing reports at regular intervals, the continuing project will prepare annual reports and a final report on its findings.