Leo Varadkar says its unacceptable social media firms aren't held accountable

The Taoiseach says social media posts that incite hatred and violence should be taken down by the companies the provide platforms for their publication.

He was speaking this week, following the fallout from the recent farm eviction in Strokestown in Co Roscommon.

Leo Varadkar says its unacceptable that social media companies aren't held accountable for posts that stir up violence.

He says it's something the Government will be looking at in the New Year.

"That fact that they don't take down posts that incite hate and incite violence is just unacceptable in my view.

"So what we need to work out is what's the best and most effective way of changing that.

"One of the things we're working on is a Digital Safety Commissioner.

"We could so that in 2019, but we just would need to be sure that it would actually be effective".