More than 1,700 families were in emergency accommodation last month

The Taoiseach has admitted the homelessness crisis is "unbelievably frustrating".

The latest figures show just under 10,000 people were living in emergency accommodation last month.

Those figures include 1,739 families living in emergency accommodation in February - a rise of 222 compared to the previous month.

Opposition politicians and homelessness campaigners have criticised the Government's response to the situation - with Sr Stanislaus Kennedy and Fr Peter McVerry saying they have lost all confidence "in either the ability or commitment of the Government to solve the housing and homelessness crisis".

Leo Varadkar was questioned by TDs and Senators at an Oireachtas committee today.

He conceded the situation is getting worse, but that the Government is committed to finding solutions.

He said: "I don't think anyone can doubt the level of Government commitment to this issue.

"What we're not seeing is the kind of results that we'd like to see, and this is unbelievably frustrating - of course most of all by people who are affected by homelessness, but also for those who are trying to solve this problem and trying to assist people who are in homelessness."

He added officials will have to 'drill down into that' to understand why policies introduced by the Government so far haven't produced the desired results.