He says there isn't time to make changes.

The Taoiseach Leo Varadkar says he 'doesn't see much room' for re-negotiation of the draft Brexit deal.

It had been suggested that a new Brexit secretary in the UK could look to change some elements of the agreement.

British Prime Minister Theresa May saw several high-profile resignations yesterday over opposition to the deal.

But Mr Varadkar says there simply isn't time to make changes.

"I think if you start trying to amend it or unpick it, then you might find that the whole thing unravel."

"I certainly don't think it could be re-negotiated in the period that's left - we're only a few months away from Brexit now.

"I think any re-negotiation would involve postponing Brexit, and the people who oppose it don't seem to want that".

But he also warned a no-deal Brexit scenario could see a hard border in Ireland.

"I think in a no-deal scenario, it would be very difficult to avoid a hard border - because of the obvious fact that as Ireland remaining part of the European Union, we would no doubt be asked to implement European law; and then also the United Kingdom, having left the European Union, would seek to join the World Trade Organisation, and they would have to implement World Trade Organisation rules."