The food may have contained chemicals used in pesticides

At least 10 people have died and eight remain in a critical condition after eating contaminated food at a funeral in Peru.

According to authorities there, it may have contained chemicals used in pesticides.

Samples have been taken for testing.

Some 50 people fell ill after attending a post-funeral meal in the village of San Jose de Ushua in the Peruvian Andes on Monday.

The country's Health Minister Silvia Pessah said the food appears to have contained organophosphates - a group of chemicals used in pesticides.

Regional health director Jhon Tinco told a local radio station that the victims said they had eaten a meat dish and a fermented corn drink called chicha.

The mayor of San Jose de Ushua, Ivan Villagomez Llamoca was at the funeral and told Radio Programs of Peru (RPP): "The first dish was mote broth, the second dish was stewed meat with chilli."

Those who died were reported to be aged between 12 and 68.