They were trapped in the cave for over two weeks

The coach of the 12 young footballers trapped in a cave in Thailand for more than two weeks has been explaining why he brought the team there.

The Wild Boars have been answering questions, approved by a psychiatrist, in their first public appearance since being released from hospital.

They were trapped with their coach for over two weeks before being freed by an international team of divers.

The boys have been speaking of how they drank water dripping from rocks to survive.

The team's coach, who is 25-years-old, says he had been to the cave before and took the boys to look at it after training.

"There was a little bit of water so we went in, and I asked them if they wanted to go - if you want to go we have one hour and after that we have to immediately come out.

"Why one hour? Because we have to come out before 5pm because we have to send them to... class.

One of the Wild Boars says he was shocked when he first realised a diver had come to rescue them.

"He asked me how I was , and I said I was 'fine' - and they asked how many of you... and I responded that we have 13 people - and they said 'brilliant!'".