Meanwhile 'No' group launches new online campaign

Disability rights activists say the 8th Amendment is about more than abortion for women with a disability.

‘Inclusion Ireland’ has joined forces with the ‘Together For Yes’ campaign to call for a ‘yes vote’ in the upcoming referendum.

The disability rights organisation says that the 8th amendment creates additional barriers to care for these women, including inaccessible travel options for those who may need abortion services.

Disability rights campaigner Suzy Byrne says travelling to the UK for some physically disabled women isn’t an option, and if it is, it’s a logistical nightmare: 'There's been double or triple the cost involved because they have to have extra people with them, taking the transport. The Tube in London isn't accessible so there has to be taxis involved. They have to make sure that the clinic is accessible. But the psychological impact is bigger than all of the physical stuff.

CEO of Inclusion Ireland Paddy Connolly says for women with an intellectual disability, understanding the implications of a pregnancy is much harder: 'Understanding what it means for their own physical health is far harder for woman with an intellectual disability to engage with and that's why it's really important that they're at home and close to their family. It's traumatic and horrific to think that we would be forcing women with an intellectual disability to travel overseas in secret'

It comes as Anti-abortion group Save the 8th has today begun a new on-line campaign called "12 weeks". 

It shows social media users a video of a scan of an unborn baby at 12 weeks gestation and asks if the unborn is deserving of constitutional rights. 

The video will be promoted to Facebook users over the age of 18. 

Speaking about the campaign, Save the 8th’s Niamh Ui Bhriain said: 'It is important that this debate is informed and that people have access to basic information. The Government is asking us to legalise abortion for any reason up to three months. In effect, the legislation proposed says that these babies are not human at all, and will have no rights.
'The scan shows clearly a developing child, with identifiable form of a human being, moving and kicking inside the womb.'