Producers insist "no one gets paid more than the Queen" for future seasons

The producers of The Crown have admitted Claire Foy - who plays Queen Elizabeth II - was paid less than her male counterpart.

Matt Smith's role as a young Prince Philip earned him more money than Foy's Golden Globe-winning performance.

At a conference in Jerusalem yesterday, producers of the Netflix drama say Smith's starring role in Doctor Who meant he was paid a bigger salary.

However, they will look to address the pay gap for the next seasons of the hit show.

Matt Smith and Claire Foy. Picture by: Ian West/PA Wire/PA Images

According to Variety, executive producer Suzanne Mackie said: "Going forward, no one gets paid more than the Queen."

Variety had previously reported that Claire Foy's salary was around €32,000 per episode.

Foy will not, however, be returning for season three of the royal drama, with Olivia Colman set to take over the lead role as an older Queen Elizabeth.

A replacement for Smith hasn't been announced yet.