Leo Varadkar has joked about members of his Cabinet

The Taoiseach has joked his Cabinet is so diverse it includes a minister that's studied witchcraft and one who wants to be a priest.

It's after Minister Josepha Madigan stepped in when a priest didn't show up for a mass at the weekend.

While Minister Katherine Zappone examined the Wicca tradition in a book published in 1991.

Leo Varadkar also said they wouldn't be legislating to allow women priests, as there should be a separation between church and State.

Mr Varadkar says the two ministers show how diverse the Cabinet is.

"According to the papers anyway, Minister Zappone has practised witchcraft and now Minister Madigan is saying mass.

"I'm not sure if either of those things are quite true.

"But certainly from what I know of the events - and actually know somebody who happened to be at mass at that day - the priest wasn't able to attend for various reasons.

"A number of women from the congregation, including Josepha, led prayers but certainly did not say mass".