And some good news: the warm weather is set to continue through the weekend

Some parts of the country are enjoying temperatures on a par with New York today.

An area of high pressure over Ireland has resulted in highs of 23 degrees in some areas.

It'll be warm and humid with good sunny spells but some thundery showers too.

It's the second day of particularly warm weather in some areas:

Gerry Murphy from Met Éireann says the nice weather will be around for the weekend too.

That time of the year? Picture by: Julian Stratenschulte/DPA/PA Images

Gerry said: "We'll certainly get some nice sunny spells, but it's not going to be completely dry - we will have some showers at times in places too.

"Temperatures will be quite good for today and for Friday - temperatures getting up 22-23 degrees - and still staying in the early 20s for many places as we go through the weekend."

He added: "It's quite pleasant for the latter part of May - a couple of degrees above average at the moment."