The UK Prime Minister bust a groove as she set out on a trade mission in Africa

The British Prime Minister has put her best foot forward as she set out on a trade mission to Africa this morning.

Theresa May showcased her moves as she was greeted by a group of dancing students during a visit to a school in South Africa.

Mrs May got into the spirit of things, smiling throughout and later joining in with a second dance at the ID Mkize School in Cape Town.

Addressing the packed school assembly after the welcome, she thanked "all those young people who were involved in the performance outside who welcomed me."


Mrs May travelled to South Africa this morning - and will take in trips to Nigeria and Kenya as part of the trade mission, which is aimed at boosting UK prospects post-Brexit.

Describing the trip as a "unique opportunity at a unique time for the UK," she said she was aiming to "deepen and strengthen" the UK's global partnerships.

Speaking en route to Africa, she caused a stir by insisting that a 'no deal' Brexit "wouldn't be the end of the world."