"Am I going to see this through? Yes."

Theresa May has doubled down on her Brexit deal and insisted she's going to see it out.

The British Prime Minister has been under huge pressure, with a number of her ministers resigning in protest and a likely no confidence motion being submitted by members of her party.

However, Theresa May was defiant at a press conference this evening - saying she knows some people are not happy with the Brexit deal but they now have to get on with it.

She also again dismissed any chances of there being a second referendum on Brexit.

While she didn't directly address the leadership heave against her, she insisted she's going nowhere.

Theresa May. Picture by: Matt Dunham/PA Wire/PA Images

Mrs May explained: "Leadership is about taking the right decisions, not the easy ones.

"As Prime Minister, my job is to bring back a deal that delivers on the vote of the British people - I believe this is a deal that does deliver that, that is in the national interest.

"Am I going to see this through? Yes."

The British PM said that she 'shares some of the concerns' about parts of the agreement - including the backstop to avoid a hard border in Ireland.

However, she also insisted there is no deal that can be agreed with the EU that does not involve a backstop.

The press conference followed a day of drama in Westminster, that included the Brexit secretary Dominic Raab resign over the draft deal reached with Brussels earlier this week.

Prominent Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg was among the Conservative MPs who submitted letters of no-confidence in Mrs May today - but it wasn't clear whether the threshold of 48 letters to trigger a vote has yet been reached.