"This is the best possible deal, it's the only possible deal"

The British Prime Minister is expected to address the House of Commons in London later - after a draft deal on how the UK would leave the EU was agreed by politicians in Brussels yesterday.

It now has to pass in Parliament, with scores of MPs lining up against it.

Jean Claude Juncker called it "the best deal we could have achieved", while Leo Varadkar argued: "We do not believe it's possible to negotiate a better deal."

That was echoed by Theresa May, who insisted: "This is the deal that is on the table... this is the best possible deal, it's the only possible deal."

It's brinksmanship from the European leaders as Theresa May tries to sell this to MPs.

She's expected to say they either take this deal, or crash out with a no deal Brexit in March and deal with the consequences.

The House of Commons will vote on the deal in December, and until then this has turned into a giant game of chicken between the proposers and opponents of this deal.

Whoever blinks first could decide the future of Europe.