A spectator has also been banned for their part in the incident

Three soccer players have been banned from the sport for 40 years following an assault on an amateur referee earlier this month.

Daniel Sweeney suffered facial injuries in an assault which happened following a game between Horseleap and Mullingar Town on November 11th.

The three Mullingar Town players involved in the incident have been banned from all football activity under the jurisdiction of the FAI for 40 years each.

That means they can't coach, manage or be part of a club committee for that period.

Meanwhile, a spectator who also involved in the incident - who had previously been banned from playing for life for a previous assault - has had his ban extended to all football activity.

The Combined Counties Football League has also fined Mullingar Town Football Club €500 for "failing to control its players".

The money will go to Daniel Sweeney's recovery fund.

The league said in a statement: "The vicious, unprecedented level of violence directed at Daniel was unprovoked, unwarranted and unjustifiable.

"The incidents that occurred at the end and in the aftermath of this football game are not representative of the magnificent work undertaken by the volunteers in the administration, playing and refereeing of association football in our league or across any of the great leagues under the jurisdiction of the FAI."